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The Saga of Sage (S.O.S)
Immersive Transmedia concerts (In development)

The Saga of Sage is a virtual concert series, following the main character Sage in his journey through space. Sage is searching his way back home after becoming lost in a black hole during his mission to find new inhabitable planets. The audience travels with Sage through space. Each month there will be a 15- minute concert on a new planet featuring new characters and songs. The audience will meet many different creatures whose voices can be sung by different artists. The worlds will be built in the VR environment NEOS, accessible to users with a VR-headset. To increase accessibility, we will provide VR-headsets at different venues and build a website for non-VR users.

Music director, lyrics, concept: Robin Coops

VR-director, immersive ervaring lead, concept: Avinash Changa VR-developers: Marc Heemskerk, Rico Zethof Performers: Robin Coops (Sage), Avinash Changa (Planet), guest musicians Extra sounddesign: Eric Magnée Musical dramaturg: David Dramm Metaverse coach: Jason Moore Finalmix and mastering: Tom Gelissen Main producers: M31, WeMakeVR Co-producers: de Melkweg, Effenaar, Imagine Filmfestival, O-Festival, Gaudeamus

Premiere: May 2023

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