M31 Foundation

Mission Statement

The M31 Foundation was established on the 9th of September 2013 and organizes the
production and preparation of contemporary music theatre and film projects. M31 searches for
the boundaries of each discipline.

In 2013 the main focus was on finding the financial funding for two productions: ‘Der Kaiser von
Atlantis’ and ‘Disconnect’. Both productions had a very successful première
in Amsterdam and were performed in several Dutch theaters. 

In 2021 and 2022, the foundation will focus
on the realization of a new VR-opera Orphée et Eurydice, the

and on the audio-visual concerts of the ensembles Human 2.0 and CHAOS.

M31 has an ANBI status which gives sponsors fiscal advantages.

The M31 board members are not paid for their work for the foundation, nor do they have an
expense account: they are volunteers. Dutch Stage- and Film Director Robin Coops is the
artistic director of the Foundation and the main creative artist for its projects.

Board members

Sigi Giesler – Chairman

Arnoud Noordegraaf – Secretary

Petra de Haan – Treasurer

RSIN: 853153942