The Saga of Sage

(Work in Progress)

The Saga of Sage PR.png

The Saga of Sage is a format for episodic sci-fi VR music experiences, taking place in the Metaverse. The series follows the main character Sage in a journey through space. Sage is searching his way back home after becoming lost in a black hole during his mission to find new habitable planets.


The audience travels with Sage through space. Each month a 15-minute live episode will be released, set on a new planet featuring new characters and musical performances. The audience will meet and interact with many different creatures whose voices are sung by different artists.


The Sage of Sage creates content inside a live VR world. At the same time, content is created in the real, physical world. Audiences can join physically, digitally via laptops, and virtually via VR-devices. This opens up the experience to mass audiences, far beyond the VR-enthusiasts.

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