Virtual concert 

(work in progress)

'Human 2.0' is an interdisciplinary music project set up in 2013 by multidisciplinary artist Robin Coops and sound designer/guitarist Eric Magnée. In this project, the two wanted to explore the boundaries and meaning of a pop concert. In the current phase, 'The Virtual Pop Concerto', an investigation will be set up into the physical presence of the performer and the audience. The relationship between the physical and the virtual world is central to this and the research will focus entirely on live streaming of pop concerts. Human 2.0 aims to develop a virtual stage where it is possible to experiment with techniques such as motion capture and live-generated visuals. All insights from the research and the test presentations will be published online to share the knowledge. The project is a collaboration between Human 2.0, Jilt van Moors and Aron Fels. Supporting partners are VR Academy and Effenaar pop podium.