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Deine Winterreise

Project type

Opera video walk


May 2022


The Hague


Concept and director: Robin Coops - Advice: Serge van Veggel - Music: Franz Schubert - Lyrics: Wilhelm Müller - Musical direction: Hernán Schvartzman - Singer: Martijn Cornet - Fortepiano: Shuann Chai - Cinematographer: Caspar van Oort - Sounddesign: Geoff Miles - Costumes: Martijn Kramp - Make-up: Alina Stefans - Animations: Jos Meijers - Gaffer: Justin Van Dijk

M31 Foundation & OPERA2DAY present Franz Schubert‘s song cycle Winterreise as a video-opera walk through The Hague. Along the route, there are QR codes with which the visitor can open a film clip on his own smartphone with a song from the cycle, performed by baritone Martijn Cornet and pianist Shuann Chai. Each song becomes an audiovisual poem that enters into a dialogue with the streets, squares, and parks of the city. In the songs, a young man tries to regain his balance on foot after a lonely time of distance and alienation. The visitor of Deine Winterreise literally walks with him, experiences the comfort of unforgettable music, and may – just like the singer – at the end of the journey, let go of the inner winter and dream of a new beginning.

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