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Der Kaiser von Atlantis

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May 2016




Emperor Overall: Wiard Witholt Loudspeaker: Marijn Zwitserlood Drummer girl: Ellen van Beek A
soldier: Jacques de Faber A maiden: Donij van DoornPierrot: Erik Slik Death: Nanco de Vries
Conductor: Frank Zielhorst Director: Robin CoopsDramaturg: Florian Hellwig Scenography: Maze de Boer Light design: Wijnand van der Horst Costume design: Martijn Kramp Production: Minke
Marsiglia Producer: M31 Foundation In collaboration with: De Nederlandse Reisopera, New European Ensemble and Theater Na de Dam

An opera, written and composed by Viktor Ullmann and Peter Kien, in the concentration camp ‘Theresienstadt’.

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